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2019 Llewellyn's Witches' Companion

2019 Llewellyn's Witches' Companion

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Live your Craft every day with Llewellyn's Witches' Companion. This indispensable guide will keep you one step ahead of the latest witchy trends, practices, and issues.

288 pages | 5 x 8 x 1 IN.


  • Community Forum: Provocative Opinions on Contemporary Topics

  • Deborah Lipp: Am I Under a Curse and What Should I Do about It? • 10
    Smart practitioners of magic know how to protect themselves. Learn to identify the signs and causes of a curse and how to remove it. Includes specific techniques to shield yourself and your home.

  • Susan Pesznecker: Blogs, Books, Columns, and Essays: How to Write for the Pagan Marketplace • 25
    As a writing teacher and a Pagan, Sue Pesznecker has a lot of fun perspectives on ways to emphasize the art (rather than the chore) of writing, while also conveying how to create a solid piece of writing.

  • Laura Tempest Zakroff: A Witch’s Guide to Essential Etiquette • 38
    Being aware of how to interact with others is essential to building a healthy community and developing your own personal practice. Laura Tempest Zakroff presents nine guidelines to prevent Witch wars, foster community, and create a balanced path of living Witchcraft.

  • Raven Digitalis: Getting in the Flow of Magickal Work • 47
    Magickal work, spellcraft, and rituals work seamlessly when we are "in the flow." Self-awareness and mindfulness help us get in the groove of positivity, lending immeasurable strength to our magickal lives and our works at hand.

  • J. Variable x/ø: The Magical Manager • 58
    If you're going to spend a third (or more) of your lifetime on the job, your workplace is an ideal setting to apply your magical skills. Discover practical ways to inject magic into your professional life and manifest your dream career.

  • Kerri Connor: Roadkill: A Pagan Perspective • 68
    Kerri Connor delves into why Pagans (generally people who claim to love nature and Mother Earth) should be more concerned about roadkill, and how to decipher the messages being delivered by these animal guides.

  • Magical Self-Care: Nurture Your Body, Mind & Spirit

  • Elizabeth Barrette: Relaxation for the Busy Witch • 80
    We all need to relax sometimes. Elizabeth Barrette presents a collection of quick and easy techniques to balance your energy and unwind the mind and body.

  • Melissa Tipton: Unlocking the Magical Power of Polarity • 92
    Because polarity is all about opposition, by working with polarity and seeing its beneficial effects, it becomes easier to see opposition in general as a constructive, creative force rather than viewing it as an enemy that must be eradicated.

  • Tess Whitehurst: Chakra Spells • 103
    A working understanding of the chakra system is an invaluable tool for magical mastery. Tess Whitehurst provides introductions to the seven main chakras, as well as holistic magical work and effective spells corresponding with each.

  • Melanie Marquis: Self-Love and Magickal Power • 117
    Self-love is necessary if we want to achieve our full magickal potential. Self-doubt can create limitations both in everyday life and in magick. Melanie Marquis offers rituals to help kick-start the process of embracing yourself with love.

  • Monica Crosson: Conjuring Confidence • 125
    Whether you’re a magickal practitioner struggling with self-doubt in your ritual or spell work or you’re just trying to navigate self-assuredly through your mundane world, here are a few ways to conjure a little confidence.

  • Charlynn Walls: Curing the Magickal Hangover • 137
    Charlynn Walls offers helpful tips on how to avoid magical overload after ritual, how to deal with excess energy, and how to successfully transition back to the mundane world after events and rituals.

  • Witchy Living: Day-by-Day Witchcraft

  • Ash W. Everell: Witching on the Cheap • 146
    There are a ton of ritual tools, spell supplies, and other magical objects that can be crafted, scavenged, repurposed, or gathered from nature and that work just as well—if not better!—than expensive tools. Ash Everell examines some old, modern, and folk tricks to craft witchery on the cheap.

  • Lexa Olick: Fold In the Magic • 155
    Hands are conduits of power that can unfold our creativity. From daily routines such as laundry to more artful practices like origami, the act of folding can symbolize nurturing energy, strength of spirit, and hidden power. Follow step-bystep instructions to create a folded amulet that explores the magic within the folds.

  • Emily Carlin: Using Pop-Culture Magick in Your Daily Practice • 163
    Pop-culture magick is any form of magick that uses an element of pop culture (books, movies, TV shows, comics, music, etc.) in its magickal mechanism. Using pop-culture magick in your daily practices allows you to take actions as simple as reading a favorite book or listening to a favorite song and turn them into powerful and effective magicks.

  • Peg Aloi: The Power of Color for Magic and Healing • 169
    Peg Aloi explores some of the inherent qualities of color and suggests diverse ways to use them in personal magical practice and healing modalities for improved physical, emotional, and mental well-being, magical focus, and attainment of goals.

  • Deborah Castellano: Introduction to Glamour Magic • 177
    Deborah Castellano explains what glamour magic is and why it’s useful as part of your practice, and provides a ritual to help you invoke your own personal glamour so that you can access it for future spellcraft.

  • Dr. Alexandra Chauran: How to Use the Wheel of the Year as a Daily Practice • 188
    Celebrating the wheel of the year can help you get your body in sync with Mother Nature and also understand metaphorically how life moves in cycles and seasons. Learn how to practice the wheel of the year as a daily devotional.
  • Witchcraft Essentials: Practices, Rituals & Spells

  • James Kambos: Spell-Check • 196
    When a spell doesn’t bring the desired result, James Kambos retraces his steps to see where he might have gone off track. Doing a “spell-check” can take time, but it can turn your next spell into a huge success and prevent another dud.

  • Charlie Rainbow Wolf: Making and Using Witch Stones • 204
    Charlie Rainbow Wolf takes a look at the different kinds of stones that are used as oracles and talismans, and provides instructions on how to read and make your own witch stones using easily acquired materials such as rocks and paint.

  • Michael Furie: Scrying Made Easy: Using Everyday Objects to Build Your Skill • 215
    Most of the material on scrying is focused on black mirrors and crystal balls, but some of Michael Furie’s best scrying has occurred on everyday objects like plain fabrics and dark wood. In this article, Furie demystifies the process.

  • Stephanie Woodfield: Devotional Practice: Caring for the Sacred Land • 223
    Some of the most meaningful devotional work Stephanie Woodfield has done is caring for sacred sites, which can be both a rewarding experience and an offering to the divine. Here, she offers practical tips for caring for a sacred place.

  • Estha McNevin: How to Create a Magick Broom Cupboard • 231
    The besom helps lift and clear more than just dust. Broom magick comforts, strengthens, and feeds positive spirits. Create your own magick broom cupboard to maintain a clean environment on the mundane and metaphysical levels.

  • Devin Hunter: Vox Magicae: Using the Voice as a Magical Tool • 246
    There are many ways to use the voice as a magical tool. Devin Hunter explores two of them: the power of words and their articulation, and the resonance of the soul and how to either amplify or adjust it when needed.

  • The Lunar Calendar: September 2018 to December 2019

  • Calendar with Holidays, New & Full Moons, and Lunar Phases & Ingresses • 255

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