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Album Cover for Celtic Lounge III

Celtic Lounge III

Discover the enchanted spot where Celtic meets Chill. Ancient lore and modern grooves come together and create a magical Celtic mood in this breathtaking and exquisitely beautiful new set mixed by acclaimed world music producers The Gordon Brothers (Buddha-Lounge, Hotel Tara). Celtic Lounge III is the place you will find the finest artists and rising stars such as as Gary Stadler, Helene Horlyck, Achillea, Singh Kaur, Everstar, 7and5 featuring Stella 13, Gandalf, Stephannie and Eleven of Hearts, plus David & Steve Gordon. These spellbinding vocal and instrumental songs weave a mystical spell transporting you to the emerald Isle of dreams; a legendary land of misty green hills draped in morning dew, ancient stone fences along deep green hills and foggy cliffs that stand above the waves. This grace-filled music of mystery creates an heartwarming atmosphere of quite allure making it the ideal companion for reading, driving, working, reflection and quite moments.

What people are saying about Celtic Lounge III:

"Sequoia Records' CELTIC LOUNGE III picks up where the previous compilations in the serene series left off, presenting a set of enchanting selections from top artists like Gary Stadler, Gandalf, Achillea and others. From beginning to end the music is soft and magical, conjuring images of misty Celtic moors and fairy glades. Several tracks include the soft, comforting vocals of Singh Kaur, Helene Horlyck and Stephannie, while others by David & Steve Gordon focus on peaceful piano melodies and acoustic guitar. The Gordon Brothers also compiled and mixed the album, ensuring that the tracks flow together to provide an entrancing atmosphere for chilling out and enjoying the quieter side of life." - Music Design In Review

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Item Number: PPMSQX926

$ 16.99 each

Album Cover for Garden Of Dreams by Alquimia and Gleisberg

Garden Of Dreams by Alquimia and Gleisberg

Enter a secret world - In an enchanted garden, fairies and fireflies weave their stories of myth and mystery. The angelically haunting voice of London-based vocalist Alquimia blends exquisitely with the dreamy symphonic landscapes, shimmering harp, flute and piano sounds of German composer Gleisberg. Both are well-established artists in Europe who are known for their live performances during the popular summer festival season. Together they take you on a regal-ethereal journey in the tradition of Enya, Gary Stadler and Adiemus yet with their own unique spellbinding style. Alquimia’s romantically poetic lyrics and bewitching vocals seem to dance upon Gleisburg’s luxuriantly orchestrated and artfully layered arrangements. The result is a special magic that will caress your heart with a dreamy rhapsody of a long-forgotten time when magic was real. Come along with them, close your eyes and the veil is lifted into an unseen world of timeless beauty and heaven-touched reverie.

What people are saying about Garden Of Dreams:

'With their first album for Sequoia, gifted songstress Alquimia and composer Rudiger Gleisberg transport listeners to a place of fairytales, folklore and daydreams. GARDEN OF DREAMS has the same sort of enchanting, Celtic-inspired quality that has made Gary Stadler's fairy-themed albums so popular. The ethereal soundscapes feature an exquisite blend of harp, piano, orchestral strings and keyboard, all interwoven by Gleisberg to create a place of magic and mysticism. Alquimia's vocals are fragile and pure, yet filled with an intoxicating sort of warmth and emotion that grabs your attention and lulls you into a dreamy reverie. If you recognize Alquimia's name, it may be from the compilations she has appeared on, including both CAFE DE LUNA albums.' - Music Design In Review

The music, lyrics and lovely voice of Alquimia are comforting. They are a warm blanket wrapped around you on a chilly rainy day, an old friend coming home for a visit. I wouldn?t even be able to pick out my favorite song from this CD; the choices are too tough ? I really enjoyed all of them! You are sure to enjoy this CD. It has a very ethereal feel to it, as you find yourself being transported into the worlds Alquimia sings of. - The Pagan Review

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Item Number: PPMSQX121

$ 16.99 each

Album Cover for The Celtic Lounge

The Celtic Lounge

Welcome to the mystical place where Celtic meets Chill - Here is where a mesmerizing Celtic mood, both modern and original as well as ancient and traditional, unfolds, transporting you to a magical place of myth and mystery. Artists of the highest caliber - both renowned and undiscovered gems such as Gary Stadler, Wendy Rule, Artemisia, Gandalf, Stella Maris, Alquimia, David Gordon, Singh Kaur, Everstar and more - come together on this enchanting and deeply touching set mixed by the Gordon Brothers (Buddha-Lounge, Cafe de Luna.) Entrancing vocal and instrumental pieces with haunting melodies and ethereal atmospheres conjure images of lush green hills as far as the eye can see, draped in blankets of fog as waves crash against endless cliffs and stony beaches. There is an air of graceful beauty in this gorgeous Celtic collection, making it a wonderful companion for reading, working, mornings, falling asleep or reflection and quiet times.

What people are saying about The Celtic Lounge:

"Celtic meets chill." That's the tagline that Sequoia Groove is using for their new compilation CELTIC LOUNGE, and it couldn't be more spot on. The music features varying degrees of both of those qualities, with some songs (like "To the Promised Land" by Stella Maris) sounding closer to traditional Celtic folk and others (like "The Monks of Lindisfarne" by Achillea) being more contemporary. Most of the music falls somewhere in the middle, with a sound that is light, enchanting and perfect for kicking back and relaxing. The line-up includes graceful cuts from Gary Stadler, Gandalf, Alquimia, Artemesia, David Gordon and others, sequenced and seamlessly mixed by the Gordon brothers so that the songs flow into one another smoothly.' - Music Design In Review

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Item Number: PPMSQX915

$ 16.99 each

Album Cover for The Celtic Lounge II

The Celtic Lounge II

Return to the place where Celtic Enchantment Meets Mystical Chill-out. - The ancient and the modern meet once again in this entrancing and deeply moving Celtic set mixed by the Gordon Brothers (Buddha-Lounge, Hotel Tara). Artists of the highest caliber both renown as well as rising stars come together on this gorgeous collection, such as Gary Stadler, Singh Kaur, Tina Malia, Stephannie, Achillea, Everstar, Sharon Knight, David & Steve Gordon, Stella Mara and Alquimia as they transport you to a magical place of myth and mystery. Instrumental and vocal pieces with haunting melodies and ethereal atmosphere transport you to a mystical land where standing stones are shrouded in fog upon emerald green hills as waves crash against tall cliffs and stony beaches. A mood of graceful beauty unfolds in this exquisite Celtic collection making it a wonderful companion and perfect choice for reading, working, falling asleep or quiet reflection and daydreaming.

What people are saying about The Celtic Lounge II:

"Celtic Lounge II features another enchanting assortment of songs?Don?t expect to come down from this high anytime soon, as this album will keep you elated. The atmosphere conjured by this album is sublime." - by Music Design InReview

"The songs and instrumentals are bound together with Celtic roots. The tracks have an acoustic structure - folk guitars and pianos supporting mesmerizing female vocals. There are a range of other sounds to broaden the appeal - delicate harp, mandolin, soft strings, deft electronic programming and more. Solo instrumentals are provided by the compilers of this CD, Steve and David Gordon..A strong compilation of talent both new and well established - Jens Gad's Achillea, Singh Kaur, Tina Malia, Alquimia, Stephannie, Sharon Knight and Wendy Rule. .An atmosphere of lonely places and beautiful countryside. Some of the proceeds of this CD are donated to The Rainforest Action Network." - Reviewed on Electronic Music Mall, Morpheus Music Reviews

"Fans of Enya and Clannad will warm themselves by a hearth that emits tranquil Celtic songs from Gary Stadler ("Fairy Ring"), Sharon Knight ("Song of the Sea") and Tina Malia ("Lilac Blooms")." - Reviewed by: James Christopher Monger,

"If you are new to the world of Celtic chill-out, then this is a great place to start. It's the ideal disc for unwinding at home after an evening out, driving through the rolling hills in a warm spring wind, or having late night drinks in a misty garden under a full moon. Tina Malia kicks things off with "Lilac Blooms (Under the Rising Moon)"—her fragile, clear glass voice emanating like rippling waves of healing yin energy among the darker drones. A standout amidst the lush orchestral sweep of most tracks is David Gordon's hushed solo-piano rendition of the old Irish drinking standard, "The Foggy Dew." He effortlessly captures all the melancholy ache of the song and some spiritual transcendence besides. Gary Stadler plays on two tracks with two different chanteuses: Stephanie for the melting ice-cap melodies of "Faraway" and Wendy Rule for the cinematic sweepings of "Fly Away." Her voice vaguely girlish and innocent. Stephanie is more of a diva, cooing long, bending vowels over the rolling keys and gently flowing rivers of Celtic harp. A fine collection of northern flavors, The Celtic Lounge II makes coming home from a hard day at the office seem like coming home to a warm hearth after a cold month away on the windswept sea." -

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Item Number: PPMSQX921

$ 16.99 each

Album Cover of Deep Within A Faerie Forest by Gary Stadler And Wendy Rule

Deep Within A Faerie Forest by Gary Stadler And Wendy Rule

Be filled with exquisite beauty as you journey deep into a mystical land of dreams. This new collaboration from musical wizard Gary Stadler (Fairy HeartMagic) and captivating Australian vocalist, singer and songwriter Wendy Rule leads you into the enchanted heart of the forest. Featuring the delightful harp artistry of Lisa Lynne, images of the ancient Celtic Faerie realm come alive once more.

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Item Number: PPMSQX116

$ 16.99 each

Album Cover of Fairy Lullabies by Gary Stadler

Fairy Lullabies by Gary Stadler

Embark on a sweetly relaxing journey into the enchanting world of Fairies that will touch your heart with its innocent beauty. Award-winning composer Gary Stadler has responded to requests from his fans and created new instrumental lullaby versions of some of his most loved melodies plus one new song. The result is serenely enchanting music that will soothe both children and parents alike. Garys soulfully beautiful melodies will guide you into a mystical world of dreams where you touch gently down into the heart of the Fairy realm. Fairy Lullabies is perfect for calming kids for naptime or tucking them into bed for the night. More than just lullaby music for children, Gary's tender piano, keyboard orchestrations and Enya-esque vocals along with special guest Lisa Lynne's Celtic harp create a peaceful atmosphere in the home - also ideal for yoga, massage and meditation. Lay back, close your eyes and drift away….”

What people are saying about Fairy Lullabies:

“Gary Stadler’s whimsical dreamscapes have been capturing listeners’ imaginations for nearly a decade, and have included such delights as the singing of Stephanie, Wendy Rule and Singh Kaur. With FAIRY LULLABIES, Stadler heeded the urging of his fanbase, who requested an album of instrumental renditions of his songs. The first thing you’ll notice about this album is how well the songs work in a lullaby format – the music is unbelievably soft, dreamy and sweet. Stadler’s piano melodies cascade amongst gentle synth ambience, twinkly keyboard tones and Lisa Lynne’s well-placed harp… it’s hard not to be enchanted by the music. This voyage into the land of the faeries is certainly not limited to nightly slumber, the music’s quiet nature makes it ideal for any sort of relaxation endeavor. Includes one new Stadler composition.” ~ Music Design In Review

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Item Number: PPMSQX123

$ 16.99 each

Album Cover for Fairy Of The Woods by Gary Stadler

Fairy Of The Woods by Gary Stadler

In your hand you hold a dream from the heart of a kindred soul, revealing at once a landscape both human and fey. A noble work of compassion and wonder, this circle of ten instrumental pieces by Gary Stadler emerges now from its three year crafting.

O you who listen by candlelight, you who whisper questions into the dark hollows of trees, you who follow the Gypsy Moon, here at last is the solace that you seek!

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Item Number: PPMSQX101

$ 16.99 each

Album Cover of Reflections Of Fairie by Gary Stadler
Bonus TracksBonus Tracks

Reflections Of Fairie by Gary Stadler

Gary Stadler returns after completing his highly acclaimed Fairy-Trilogy, with new music that radiantly sparkles with enchantment, revealing the essence of his evocative musical style. On this new release, Gary places the focus on the purity of his beautiful piano sound, He artfully combines that with other acoustic instruments such as classical guitar, Cello, Vocal Choirs as well as the lovely Harp artistry of Lisa Lynne, The result is another understated masterpiece of dreamy celtic-influenced magic. It is no wonder Gary's music has created a dedicated base of fans; there is a simple beauty in his music which comforts the heart and stirs the soul.

What people are saying about Reflections Of Fairie:

'Reflections of Faerie radiates with enchantment ! There is a special magic and simple beauty in this music, which touches the heart and stirs the soul. Wonderful for all types of healing techniques, meditation, massage or for the special time when you take loving care of self.' - Awakenings

'Reflections of Faerie has an ethereal quality and a renaissance/early music/classical feel... filled with wonderfully soft and peaceful pieces that invite repose and reflection, a stilling of the heart and quieting of the soul.' - Wind and Wire

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Item Number: PPMSQX109

$ 16.99 each

Album Cover of Fairy NightSongs by Gary Stadler & Singh Kaur

Fairy NightSongs by Gary Stadler & Singh Kaur

Deep in the night forest, fairies gather by firelight and fly to the song of the wind in the trees. Gary Stadler and vocalist Singh Kaur invite you to come with them on the their magical travels through the fairy veil. Listen and you will be transported to a mystical land of enchantment with beautiful melodies and angelic vocals.

What people are saying about Fairy NightSongs:

'Fairy NightSongs is a pleasant musical journey into a magical world of wonder and relaxation. The music has the comfortable equality of a warm blanket on a cold winter evening. The vocals are lilting and clear with lyrics that evoke images that would send any dreamer soaring into the misty woods of their imagination. There is a kind of medieval feel to the quiet simplicity of these songs. A welcome addition to any fairy lover's music collection.' - The Beltane Papers, A Journal of Women's Mysteries

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Item Number: PPMSQX103

$ 16.99 each

Album Cover of Fairy HeartMagic by Gary Stadler & Stephanie

Fairy HeartMagic by Gary Stadler & Stephanie

Acclaimed composer Gary Stadler (Fairy of the Woods, Fairy NightSongs) takes you further into the world of ancient Celtic lore, featuring extraordinary vocalist Stephannie and Celtic Harpist Lisa Lynne. Together they take you on a soul-healing journey into a place where innocence and wisdom are one.

Listen and your heart will be renewed with a mystical beauty.

What people are saying about Fairy HeartMagic:

'This third musical release by Gary Stadler will be a delight to those who enjoyed his previous releases, Fairy of the Woods and Fairy NightSongs. Stadler has added the music of Celtic and wire harpist Lisa Lynne. He has also added the new vocals of Stephannie to his group, about which Stadler says, "Many of the pieces on this CD are sung in a language that youll not understand... Its an ancient Fairy tongue reborn, given to Stephannie in her dreams. This magical language perfectly manifests my desire to utilize voice for its musical qualities, while freeing the listener to create his or her own personal imagery and meaning." Listeners will become enchanted with the trance inducing music that transports them to the fairy realm in a relaxing, renewing, and uplifting journey. The CD comes with a fourteen-page booklet of lyrics beautifully framed and accompanied by the fairy artwork of Katlyn Breene, which is in itself a treasure.' - Theresa Jones of Circle Magazine

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Item Number: PPMSQX105

$ 16.99 each

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