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Meditation 101

Meditation is a key part of being a Witch and developing your psychic powers as a Witch. To be effective in your spell casting and psychic work you must be grounded, focused and relaxed. You need to be able to focus your mind when needed on the subject at hand. For some of us this comes naturally, while not so easily with others. No matter how easily this ability to focus comes to you meditation is a key element to maintaining and developing your mental abilities. Meditation can help us relax, release the baggage from the day and maintain a healthier outlook on life and ourselves.

Meditation And You

We all need quiet time to our selves. A time of peace, solitude, and relaxation. In the modern world we live in it is becoming increasingly difficult to find that time of serenity. When you have to be at work for 8 hours a day, have a home to tend to and children/family to care for where do you find the time? Unfortunately you will not find the time unless you set it aside. Call it your therapy time or anything else you want to, but just do it.

Meditation is about relaxing, grounding yourself and getting back into touch with the real you. It is a tool that can also be used for astral travel, past life regression, looking into the future as well as viewing the world around you from a different perscpective. Meditation can also be used as a way to communicate with a higher power such as God or Goddess.

Meditation is a healthy activity that the western world is to quick to discount. You can call it prayer if you like, but the following exercises can prove to be essential to your well being if you just take the time to use them. One thing I can tell you from experience is that without meditation you will only be going through the motions of Witchcraft with out any of the true power you seek as a Witch.

Meditating can be as simple as sitting in a quiet room or place with nothing in the background or as complicated as a ritual you make of it. However the more complicated you make it the harder it will be to simply relax and release the stress from yourself. With this in mind the old acronym kis (keep it simple) applies. The simpler your technique the easier it will be to meditate and the less likely you will be to find excuses not to meditate.

Earlier I mentioned the high stress level of daily life we all experience. Stress is not good for you in general. Stress can lead to heart disease, stroke, other forms of physical ailments and even a mental breakdown.

The key to relaxation is what you are comfortable with. Some of us find it relaxing to shed our clothes and lay down on the grass or dive into a pool of water. However society generally frowns on public nudity, not to mention it being against the law in many places. Another way I have found is to lay down with one of our feline companions who like to be held and focus on giving her the love and attention she enjoys. In return she almost always rewards me with her feline attentions of purring, rubbing, kneading and licking me. This is so relaxing.

Other ways to relax and release stress include:

  • brush off method
  • music
  • angel visualization
  • God visualization
  • balloon visualization

The Brush Off Method

The Brush Off Method is really easy. Go somewhere you can be alone and uninterrupted for a few minutes. Using your hands brush off your body from head to toe, visualizing all the negative energy that you have accumulated falling off of and away from you like dirt. When you are done brushing say "I hereby release all negative energy to the Lord and Lady to be recycled for the good of all and harm to none", while visualizing a bright white light coming down from the heavens and filling your body and soul with the unconditional love of the God and Goddess. Stand there for a moment just feeling the warmth of their love for you. You will feel refreshed, renewed and relaxed.


Music has been used throughout time to communicate with the Gods. It has been called food for the soul too. I am a true music lover. In my possession I have such a wide variety in my musical recording collection that I can not name all of the artists recordings I have. But I am digressing.

We have all heard a musical piece that we found relaxing. The lighter the music the better a selection it will be to relax and meditate with. Enya is an example of an artist whose music is pleasing to the ear, yet light enough to meditate with. Whatever your music selection the music should be relaxing to you, but yet not distracting from the activity at hand.

After you have started playing your chosen recording get comfortable in a sitting or laying position, what feels best to you. Next feel the music wash through your soul, like a soothing gentle rain washing away all the days dirt and grime. Next visualize each of your worries as a piece of paper with a one word description of the worry written on it. Hold each piece of paper up individually in the breeze produced by the music and say "I hereby release this worry to the universe to be recycled for the good of all and harm to none" as you release the paper and watch it float peacefully away from you. As the piece of paper floats away feel your body get just a little lighter, free of the burden of this worry.

Finally when you have no more pieces of paper finish listening to the music, visualizing the music building a strengthing a silver chord that runs through your feet to the ground and into the earth. This silver chord is your anchor to reality. Observe the chord and check it over. If the chord is frayed and in need of repair cut it loose and visualize yourself and an angel weaving a new chord and tying the new chord onto a large rock at the center of the Earth. Now you have released your worries and are grounded. As the reording ends visualize the God and Goddess and your angel. Thank each of them for their help and guidance today and always. Then slowly opn your eyes to come out of your visualization experience. When you are done you should feel lighter and well grounded.

Angel Visualization

This is also an easy and brief method for stress relief that can be done anywhere you can get a few minutes of solitude. Sit or lay down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and visualize yourself in a quiet meadow on a sunny day. The sun is shinning down on you filling you with the warmth of its life giving rays. Now visualize an angel with you. This is your guardian angel. Your angel is there for you in times of need to help and assist you. Take all of your worries, one at a time and place them into a cloth sack. As you place each one into the bag state that you are "releasing this worry for the good of all and harm to none." After you have placed all of your worries into the cloth sack ask your angel for help in letting go of the daily worries of life. State clearly "I ask for your help in releasing my worries and negative energy to the Creator Of All Life to be recycled for the good of all and harm to none", and hand the cloth sack to your angel. As you hand the cloth sack to your angel thank him/her for their assistance. Say whatever else feels comfortable to you at this point. Then watch as your angel carries off the cloth sack filled with your negative energy (stress and worries) to the Creator Of All Life to be recycled for the good of all and harm to none. Stay in the sunny meadow for as long as you feel necessary. When you are ready slowly open your eyes and return from the sunny meadow knowing you can go back there when needed. Thank the Angel, God and Goddess for their assistance.

God Visualization

This method works for anyone who believes in a higher power. If you are Christian then use your vision of God/Jesus. If you are a Witch or Pagan who believes in multiple deities then use the God or Goddess that feels right for you at the moment. The love of the divine spirit is always with us. The Goddess and God do not stop loving us, or love us less or more based upon our actions. The God and Goddess love us always and forever because we originate from their loving union as does all life in the universe.

First find a secluded spot where you can be alone and uninterrupted for a few minutes. Put on some relaxing music if you want to. This is your time, do what feels correct for you.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself in a wooded area. In this wooded are there is a stream of perfectly clear clean water. In the background you can hear the sound of the water as it flows along its course. Above you the trees form a canopy of leaves. Listen th/o the gentle rustle of leaves in the breeze as you sit quietly. In front of you is a path. This path is worn from heavy use. In the distance a figure approachs. This figure is surrounded by a white light from head to toe. Its as if there is a halo surrounding the body. This person projects love, strength and wisdom all at once. Greet God/Goddess and invite Him/Her to stay. If God/Goddess reaches out to embrace you return the gesture by embracing Him/Her. Go with the flow of what feels natural for you. When it feels right ask God/Goddess for help in releasing the stress from your life and helping you to relax, for the good of all and harm to none. Tell Him/Her that you need guidance in how to do this and please assist you. Again go with the flow of events. Do what God/Goddess tells you to do. When you are through thank God/Goddess for their help and love, while expressing your love for them in return. Slowly open your eyes when you are finished and take a few moments to center/ground yourself.

Balloon Visualization

This method also involves using visualization techniques. Plus you will need a place you can be uninterrupted for a few minutes. Once again this is your time for you, so do what feels correct for you. In your quiet place make sure everything is turned off, including phones, beepers, etc. Visualize yourself in a secret meadow. In the background you can hear the wildlife, birds, insects, etc. Next to you is a rock with helium filled balloons, a magic marker and scissors.

Visualize a bright white light washing over you from the heavens and filling your very being with the love of the God and Goddess. Stay with this for a few minutes. Just let the divine love of the universe fill you with the joy of unconditional love.

Next take the first worry or stressful thing that comes to mind and write it on one of the balloons using the magic marker. Do the same thing with each balloon, using a different worry, fear or stressful thing in your life. If you run our of balloons ask the God/Goddess for more and they will appear before you.

Now that each balloon is labelled with a different fear, worry or stressful situation place the magic marker down on the ground and pick up the scissors. Gather all the balloon strings in your dominant hand. Your dominant hand is the hand you use to write with. For those that are ambidextrous use the hand that feels comfortable to send energy out with. Holding the balloons in your dominant hand for a few moments say aloud "I release these worries, fears and stressful things to the God and Goddess to be recycled for the good of all and harm to none. So Mote It Be." Cut the chords with the scissors and let them go.

Watch the balloons drift away on the gentle breeze. Watch them as you visualize the bright white light of divine love come down from the heavens, fill your body and continue into the Earth. Watch the balloons dissolve into nothingness as the energy they carried is taken to be recycled for the good of all and harm to none.

Take a moment to ground yourself and slowly open your eyes, knowing you can return to this place of peace and love anytime you need or want to because the God and Goddess are alive in you and with you always.

Blessed Be.


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