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Shower Cleansing Ritual For Your Body, Mind And Spirit

We all have busy lives these days. For many of us our waking hours are spent in mundane activities with people we would rather not be around. The energies of these people stick to everyone they encounter like dust. Yes even your energies you give off stick to other people.

Whether you are in an enclosed space or out in the open the energy you and others around you send out hangs around in the general vicinity it was discharge in.

For example a room in which people have had an argument in recently has those negative energies in it for a long time. The negative energy, anger and hatred, will linger in that room until it is cleansed. The air will feel thick and heavy. You may even feel like you have to get out of that room. Depending on how sensitive you are to others energies you may even feel anger overcoming you causing it to seem like you were a part of the argument. Even if you were not a part of whatever took place in that imaginary room some of those energies will be stuck on you, like particles of dust, after you leave the room.

We all shower or bathe sometime during the day to physically clean the dirt from our bodies. There is a simple and easy way to clean all unwanted energies from ourselves, while recharging with positive and healing energies. It is also possible to ground yourself at the same time. No special tools are required, only an open mind and heart.

Water is one of the five elements associated with spell work in the craft.

After you have stepped into your shower place both your hands on the shower head and bless the water coming from it by stating that "In The Name Of The Divine Source I Bless The Water Coming Forth From This Shower Head As A Cleansing And Healing Force. So Mote It Be." Visualize the water washing away all bad and negative energies as well as all potential and existing diseases, illnesses and health problems. All this stuff is being washed away to the universe to be recycled into good and positive things and energies. Next visualize the healing golden and white light of God and Goddess streaming into you from the center of the universe, filling you physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, replacing all the junk washed away by the water. This process will cleanse and heal you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In addition it is helpful to cut any damaged and frayed chords of light connecting you to the center of the universe and the center of the earth. Once these damaged chords are cut replace them with strong healthy chords of golden and white light, renewing your connecting to the divine source in the center of the universe and grounding you to the center of the Earth. Repeat this process with each shower for as long as needed. At the end of your shower you will feel invigorated, energized and healthy. Plus you will feel the strengthened connection to God and Goddess and stronger connection to the Earth. Be sure to thank the God and Goddess and your Spirit Guides and Angels for all their past, present and future help.

This can be a very useful tool for you in the beginning or ending of your day. Although it is not intended to take the place of medical treatment for any serious medical conditions, this shower cleansing ritual can help speed the recovery process. There have been numerous scientific studies proving daily prayer and meditation can help one recover faster and maintain a healthier life. I hope that you find the above shower cleansing ritual as useful and helpful as I and many of our customers have.

May The Love And Blessings Of The God And Goddess Fill Your Life.

Blessed Be.

Reverend Joe ("SilverEagle") Estes

January 4, 2007

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