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Magick Of Reiki by Christopher Penczak

Magick Of Reiki by Christopher Penczak

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What is Reiki? How has this Japanese healing tradition evolved over the years? How are modern magick practioners using Reiki energy in their spells and rituals?

Chistopher Penczak answers some of these questions and more in this groundbreaking examination of Reiki from a magickal perspective. The history, mythos, variations, and three degrees of Reiki are discussed in depth. Penczak also suggests ways to integrate Reiki and magickal practice, such as using Reiki energy for psychic development and with candle magick, crystals, herbs, charms and talismans.

  • An innovative fusion of the complementary practices of Reiki and magick for all levels.
  • Whether you are a practising Witch, Wiccan or Pagan learn to use Reiki in your magickal and healing work.
  • Includes more than seventy Reiki symbols, along with instructions on Reiki attunements.
  • Provides exercises that encourage Reiki students to develop their own brand of Reiki magick.

7.5 inches by 9.125 inches, 288 pages, illustrated, bibliography, index.

Christopher Penczak (New Hampshire) teaches classes throughout New England on witchcraft, meditation, Reiki, crystals, and shamanic journeys. Plus Christopher Penczak is a regular presenter at the New England Reiki Conferences.

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