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Magickal Symbols And Their Meaning




The Pentacle
The upright pentagram/pentacle, is a five pointed star with the single point on top, pointing towards the sky (higher self or God/Goddess), enclosed in a circle. The symbolism of the pentagram/pentacle is as follows:

  1. Spirit - The topmost point of the star.
  2. Air - Upper left hand corner of the star.
  3. Water - Upper right hand corner of the star.
  4. Fire - Lower right hand corner of the star.
  5. Earth - Lower left hand corner of the star.
  6. Circle - The universe without beginning or ending, encircling us.
Modern Pagans, Wiccans and Witches use the pentagram/pentacle for protection, wisdom and empowerment. It is through the circle that the Wisdom and Power of the Divine is focused into the Center of the Pentacle which symbolizes you. Thus the Love, Power and Protection of the Lord (God) and Lady (Goddess) is focused into you.

The Double Pentacle

The Double Pentacle
This example of the double pentacle is often viewed as representing the Goddess in her five stages of a woman's life: birth, menarche, maternity, menopause and death. The intertwined lines of this piece represent heaven and earth joined.

The Ringed Pentacle

The Ringed Pentacle
With interweaving circles and points, this pentacle with five rings is considered very mystical and balanced, female and male weaving forever in perfect harmony.

Magickal Hexagram

Magickal Hexagram
This particular symbol was designed by Aleister Crowley for his Order of the Silver Star. Because of the unbroken pattern, there is no lifting of the pen or knife to let in evil spirits or undesired energy.

Star of Seven Points

Star Of Seven Points
This star is often recognized as the Elven or Fairy Star. It is used by initiates of the "Fairy Way" to symbolize the four elements, the below, the above and the self.

Star of Eight Points

Star Of Eight Points
Eight represents the fast wit and strong rationale. The star of eight points also corresponds to the eight seasonal rituals, stability or change, abundance and regeneration.

Star of Nine Points

Star Of Nine Points
Designs with nine points symbolize the moon and the balanced astral plane. Nine also represents completion and eternity. The number nine is a reappearing character in mythology, from the nine muses to the nine Celtic Heroes.

Night Star

The NightStar
This symbol was found carved on a Minoan seal and dates back about 4000 years. The night sky was seen as the haven of the Goddess. This being the case, the star was and is naturally identified with wishing and having your dreams come true.

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