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Spiritual Fitness by Nancy Mramor

Spiritual Fitness by Nancy Mramor

On our eternal quest for self-improvement-trying to attain beauty, love, or health-there is a vital area often overlooked: our spiritual well-being. Psychologist Dr. Nancy Mramor takes readers on a journey of self-transformation that begins with the spirit.

Spiritual Fitness provides a curriculum for life that nourishes the spiritual self and builds a strong connection to the Divine. This self-directed program encourages spiritual awareness and growth through self-exploration and exercises involving meditation, prayer, visualization, breathing, music, and color. An inspirational quote begins each chapter. The author also shares personal accounts of her own mystical experiences-including her triumphant battle with cancer-and other irrefutable evidence of the spirit''s infinite power.

Item Number: 9780738706405

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Nancy Mramor, Llewellyn Author

About Nancy Mramor

Nancy Mramor (Pennsylvania) is a licensed psychologist specializing in holistic psychology. Her unique spiritual fitness program is based upon twenty-nine years of professional experience. Dr. Mramor's Mastering Relaxation curriculum was proven effective and has been well received internationally. She has taught Spiritual Fitness techniques at conferences, universities, and hospitals throughout the U.S. and Europe.

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