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Practical Prosperity Magick by Ellen Dugan

Practical Prosperity Magick by Ellen Dugan
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Learn how to optimize your opportunities and draw success with this no-nonsense approach to prosperity magick. Providing an accessible foundation grounded in the seven Hermetic principles and the four elements, author Ellen Dugan explores how it can be combined with the law of attraction to improve your future. Along your journey you will discover:

  • Success spells, good luck charms, talismans, and coin magick.
  • The law of attraction and the magick of manifestation.
  • How to remove obstacles to your success.
  • Your personal magickal energy and how it affects your spellwork.
  • Herb and crystal magick.
  • Planetary magick and prosperity deities.

Filled with humor and candid advice, Practical Prosperity Magick is everything you've come to expect from Ellen Dugan. Join her as she explores practical and advanced techniques for using transformative magick to change your luck and unlock personal and financial success.

240 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN.

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