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Druid Power, Celtic Faerie Craft & Elemental Magic by Amber Wolfe

Druid Power, Celtic Faerie Craft & Elemental Magic by Amber Wolfe

Call forth dragons and feel the ancient songs of the Celts stirring in your blood. Access the deep wisdom of the Druidic orders and reclaim the Elemental gifts of the Otherworld. Become a spiritual warrior of the Celtic Craft-a Dragon-Rider.

The dragon is a symbolic representation of the alchemist''s or magician''s works of power. Druid Power presents techniques for self-transformation through Celtic faerie craft and Elemental magic. Rich with mythological information and psychological insight, this innovative guide bridges ancient Celtic Druidic Tradition with modern transpersonal psychology.

Reawaken your connection to the magick of the natural world through traditional ceremonies, guided journeys, and unique exercises that lead to a direct connection with the Elemental forces of Nature. Experience the strength and purity of fire, the emotional alchemy of water, the profound reality of earth, the awareness of air, and the transcendent mystery of spirit.

Enter the realm of myth where magick and the mundane blend. Druid Power is your guide to finding your way to the Otherworld and back again-richer, wiser, healed, and whole.

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In The Shadow Of The Shaman by Amber Wolfe

In The Shadow Of The Shaman by Amber Wolfe

In the Shadow of the Shaman by Amber Wolfe is a book that will show you how to combine ideas from many systems to create your own spiritual path. In many instances, such a journey could be difficult because you would not have someone to show you the way. But this book reveals how to contact your own inner guides who can and will help you create the system that is right for you.

The key to this is the shamanic journey, a visualized spirit quest where you will meet guides in many forms who can answer questions and point you in the right direction. Many such journeys are given here for you to work with.

The book is filled with rituals and techniques you can use while you work to find the path that is exactly right for you. Do you want to do divination? You will find instructions for several types, including working with runes, the Tarot, astrology, nature, Wiccan traditions, Seneca methods, dowsing, and more. You''ll also learn how to interpret omens.

Do you want to do healing? You''ll learn techniques involving herbs, stones, colors, and the chakras. You''ll also learn how to make sacred objects, work with dreams, tap the secrets of the many cycles in the universe, and more.

The path of the shaman is the path of the Self in deepest connection to Nature. Shamanism deals with the purest forms of Nature energies and elements. The shaman stands centered in balance at the core of all energies and all worlds. The relationship that the shaman has to these worlds is the most sacred communion with Nature. It is a most personal connection. With this book you will be able to unite your current knowledge with that of the ancient past ... and of things to come.

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