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Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships by Denise Liotta Dennis

Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships by Denise Liotta Dennis

Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships introduces new techniques to attract romance, sex, and the soul mate of choice. The reader will hear real-life stories of men and women's struggles with love and relationships and how Feng Shui techniques enabled them to overcome their obstacles. Master Denise Liotta Dennis also provides step-by-step instructions on how to heal your house of detrimental formations using the two most popular Classical Feng Shui systems—Flying Stars and Eight Mansions. Other techniques that the reader will see for the first time are closely held secrets used by masters.

Denise Liotta Dennis is a feng shui master who studied with Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai, one of the only five grandmasters in the world. She is the president of Dragon-Gate Feng Shui, an international consulting and development firm, and has over a decade of experience in residential and commercial Feng Shui design. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Item#: 9780738741888

$19.99 each


Feng Shui For Beginners by Llewellyn Author Richard Webster

Feng Shui For Beginners by Richard Webster

For thousands of years, the effect of environmental factors on living has been studied throughout Asia. Known as feng shui, this science allows you to determine the best location and direction of your home and workplace. It even shows where the rooms in your home should be to best facilitate energy flow. It is a complex science, but it is clearly explained by Richard Webster in Feng Shui for Beginners.

In this book you'll learn about the two major schools of this science. The Form School examines the shape of the land, the shape of your building, and even its direction in relation to the land around it. For example, you'll learn that wrought iron fences with sharp points should be avoided, gardens along the driveways are beneficial, and desks and beds should be against a wall.

The Compass School is based on the pa-kua, an octagonal symbol surrounding the famous yin-yang. Each side is related to one of the eight trigrams from the I Ching, and is related to certain energies. If you are planning a house, you can put a pa-kua over the plans and determine which direction your home should face and the best way to arrange the rooms.

Chances are you either rent or own a home that was already designed and built. This book show you how simple things such as water fountains, aquariums, large sculptures, or correct colors can overcome blocked or negative ch'i.

If you need more success and happiness, this book can show you the way.

5 1/4 inches X 8 inches , photos, diagrams.

Item Number: 9781567188035

$13.95 each


Color Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster

Color Magic for Beginners

From our clothes to the color of our bedroom walls, we are surrounded by colors that influence our mood, energy level, creativity, and overall well being. Richard Webster offers an astonishing number of ways to use stimulating reds, soothing blues, and every other color of the rainbow to our advantage.

Webster begins with an overall picture of each color''s major aspects-its psychological influence, healing qualities, emotional impact, and magical characteristics. From there, readers learn a multitude of color-based techniques involving astrology, the aura, candle magic, chakras, color rituals, crystals and gemstones, feng shui, flower magic, mandalas, meditation, numerology, and visualization. Webster demonstrates how color can be used to attract good luck, heal illness, reduce stress, create harmony in the home, overcome depression, solve problems, and magically enhance one''s life in a variety of ways.

Item#: 9780738708867

$ 13.95 each


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