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John Michael Greer

John Michael Greer (Maryland) has been a student of monster lore and the occult since 1975. He is also the author of several books, including Natural Magic: Potions and Powers from the Magical Garden, Circles of Power: Ritual Magic in the Western Tradition, and Inside a Magical Lodge He has written articles for Renaissance Magazine, Golden Dawn Journal, Mezlim, New Moon Rising, Gnosis, and Alexandria.

A student and practitioner of geomancy and sacred geometry for more than twenty years, fluent in Latin and medieval French for the past five years, and a Certified Tarot Grand Master, Greer has studied geomantic texts from the Middle ages and Renaissance, learning and testing out the techniques that were used when geomancy was at its height. Greer is an active member of five fraternal and two magical lodges. He lives in Seattle, where he studied the legends and monster lore of the Pacific Northwest and attends lodge meetings in a building with its own resident ghosts.

John Michael Greer - Llewellyn Author and Witch


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The Celtic Golden Dawn By John Michael Greer

The Celtic Golden Dawn By John Michael Greer

A century ago, Celtic groups descending from the famed Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn pioneered a fascinating form of ceremonial magic invoking Pagan Celtic powers instead of relying on the more commonly used Judeo-Christian names and symbols. Those groups disappeared many decades ago, and their teachings were lost. But today, their legacy has been reborn.

Respected occult author and Grand Archdruid John Michael Greer has re-created a complete magical system based on the Celtic Golden Dawn traditions. This new book provides students with a complete curriculum of Druidical magic and occult wisdom, including training in ceremonial magic, meditation, pathworking, divination, geomancy, and herbal alchemy, allowing self-initiation into the three degrees of Ovate, Bard, and Druid. Structured to resemble a long-lost correspondence course, The Celtic Golden Dawn presents a series of knowledge lectures, meditations, and rituals leading to mastery of the most important magical techniques.

Item Number: 9780738731551

$ 19.99 each


Secrets of the Lost Symbol - The Unauthorized Guide to Secret Societies, Hidden Symbols & Mysticism by John Michael Greer

Secrets of the Lost Symbol - The Unauthorized Guide to Secret Societies, Hidden Symbols & Mysticism by John Michael Greer

Secrets of the Lost Symbol is an essential resource for Dan Brown fans who want to know the facts behind the fiction.

From Abramelin the Mage to the Zohar, this encyclopedic unofficial companion guide to The Lost Symbol uncovers the forgotten histories of arcane traditions that have shaped—and still inhabit—our modern world.

Discover the truth about Freemasonry—a major theme in Brown's best-selling novel—including its rituals, temples, and infamous members such as the legendary Albert Pike. Get the real story behind the Rosicrucians, the Temple of Solomon, and ancient occult rites.

Item Number: 9780738721699

$9.95 each


The UFO Phenomenon - Fact, Fantasy and Disinformation by John Michael Greer

The UFO Phenomenon - Fact, Fantasy and Disinformation by John Michael Greer

Are the lights and strange craft in our skies aliens from other galaxies—or the product of fraud, delusion, or mistaken identity?

John Michael Greer—a respected authority on the occult and the unexplained—reveals the secret hidden at the center of the UFO labyrinth. This meticulously researched guide plunges into the thick of the controversy with an unexpected and compelling approach to the UFO mystery, from Kenneth Arnold's 1947 sighting of the first "flying saucers" to present-day encounters.

Moving beyond the familiar debate between those who believe that UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin and those who believe UFOs do not exist at all, this unique work goes further to examine stranger and more rewarding topics—the nature of apparitions, the history of secret American aerospace technologies, the mythology of progress, and the role of popular culture in defining experienced reality.

Praise for Atlantis by John Michael Greer - "A fair, fascinating, and clearly referenced overview of Atlantis...[with] thought-provoking reflections about our present culture."—Mysteries Magazine

Item Number: 9780738713199

$16.95 each


Atlantis - Ancient Legacy, Hidden Prophecy by John Michael Greer

Atlantis - Ancient Legacy, Hidden Prophecy by John Michael Greer

"Plato's account contains precise references to the catastrophic global flooding that followed the end of the last ice age and peaked at the exact date he gives for the drowning of Atlantis. The occult traditions of Atlantis tell a radically different story, a story of technology run wild amid a desperate struggle for the soul of a dying civilization . . . "

The Ultimate Question

The legend of Atlantis—a lost civilization drowned beneath the waters of the Atlantic Ocean—has inspired controversy for more than two thousand years, and remains a hot topic even today.

Join occult historian John Michael Greer on a journey through time in search of one of the great mysteries of the past. Starting with the original versions of the Atlantis story in the dialogues of Plato, Greer tracks the Atlantis myth from the hidden lodges of occult secret societies, through the freewheeling debates of the alternative history scene, to the latest scientific discoveries about the prehistoric past.

In light of newspaper headlines about global warming and the future of industrial society, Greer poses the ultimate question—is the legend of Atlantis a legacy of the distant past, or a prophecy of our own future?

Atlantis includes practical lessons in scrying (remote viewing) as well as a call to action for "seedbearers" — individuals who will help preserve the cultural, scientific, and practical legacies of the past and present through the coming planetary changes.

Item Number: 9780738709789

$21.95 each


The New Encyclopedia of the Occult by John Michael Greer

The New Encyclopedia of the Occult by John Michael Greer

From "Aarab Zereq" to "Zos Kia Cultus," this is the most up-to-date, comprehensive guide to the history, philosophies, and personalities of Western occultism.

Written by an occult scholar and practitioner with the assistance of hundreds of experts in the field, this volume presents the latest in scholarly research and points out errors in previous writings-revealing truths much more interesting and dramatic than the fictional histories that obscured them.

The New Encyclopedia of the Occult is an invaluable reference guide to magic, alchemy, astrology, divination, Tarot, palmistry, and geomancy; magical orders such as the Golden Dawn and Rosicrucians; important occultists; and religions and spiritual traditions associated with occultism such as Wicca, Thelema, Theosophy, and the modern Pagan movement.

"This is an important source for libraries to have in their collections to assist anyone seeking information about the many aspects of occult traditions." —Booklist

"Greer delivers a well researched, informative, and unbiased encyclopedia... Highly recommended for all public libraries and where interest merits." —Library Journal

Item Number: 9781567183368

$34.99 each


Monsters - An Investigator's Guide to Magical Beings by John Michael Greer

Monsters - An Investigator's Guide to Magical Beings by John Michael Greer

Shedding new light on those bone-chilling bumps in the night

Most of us don't believe that entities such as vampires, shapeshifters, and faeries really exist. Even those who study UFOs or psychic powers dismiss them as unreal.

The problem is, people still keep running into them.

What do you do when the world you think you inhabit tears open, and something terrifying comes through the gap? Join ceremonial magician John Michael Greer as he takes you on a harrowing journey into the reality of the impossible. In Monsters he examines the most common types of beings still encountered in the modern world, surveying what is known about them and how you can deal with their antics.

  • Breaks new ground in the study of the paranormal, using folklore, magical philosophy, and actual experience as guides.
  • The only book that explores monsters and magical beings from the viewpoint of a practicing magician.
  • Provides techniques of magical self-defense for those times when monsters pose a threat to human health, safety, or sanity.
  • Explores the fine art of investigating a reported monster sighting.
  • Identifies the nine types of monsters: vampires, ghosts, werewolves (and other shapeshifters), faeries, mermaids, dragons, spirits, angels, and demons.

Item Number: 9780738700502

$19.95 each


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