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The Magickal Retreat by Susan Pesnecker

The Magickal Retreat by Susan Pesnecker

Carving out time to practice your craft and work on improving yourself isn’t easy. Yet as life gets increasingly hectic, it’s more important than ever to unplug from the outside world and recharge your spiritual self.

A wonderfully inspiring, easy-to-use workbook that’s packed with creative ideas, this is the firstever guide to creating a personalized plan for a rejuvenating magickal experience. Start by identifying your intention and then tailor a retreat to reach that goal. Choose a format—seclusion, sanctuary, vigil, vision quest—followed by setting, length of time, needed items, and activities.

Whether your focus is green magick, pathworking, or anything else, this essential book helps you replenish your spirit and revitalize your craft.

Susan Pesznecker (Oregon) teaches writing at Portland State University and Clackamas Community College. She also teaches online courses in magick through the Grey School of Wizardry.

Item Number: 9780738730660

$16.95 each


Meditation as Spiritual Practice By Genevieve L. Paulson

Meditation as Spiritual Practice By Genevieve L. Paulson

Meditation has many purposes: healing, past life awareness, mental clarity, and relaxation. This practice can also enhance our spiritual lives by bringing about “peak experiences” or transcendental states. Meditation as Spiritual Practice focuses on the practice of meditation for expanding consciousness and awareness. The techniques in this treasured guidebook can also help one in developing clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other psychic abilities.

Genevieve Lewis Paulson is the director and president of Dimensions of Involvement, Inc., a non-profit growth center located on 165 acres of the Ozark mountains in Arkansas, a center of psychic, personal, and spiritual learning, accrediting students in the study of Kundalini energy development. In the early 1970s, she founded Sunergos, Inc., a spiritual growth center in Chicago. Where her new experiences might have led her to abandon Western religious beliefs, she instead found a method to meld two varieties of truth, creating a synthesis of two great traditions of belief.

Genevieve L. Paulson

Item#: 9780738708515

$14.95 each


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