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Meet MisterMan

The Kitty In Our Banner

MisterMan Relaxing MisterMan Resting After A Hard Day
On November 9, 2001 Misterman wondered into our lives.

I had just arrived home that night and pulled my car into the garage. I went down our driveway, which runs the lenght of the house from east to west, to get the mail. Misterman approached our property from the north, traveling south. When he seen me he stopped in his tracks with hesitation. I went back to the garage and laid the mail down. After waiting a couple of minutes I went back to our front yard to see if the kitty had left and found him sitting on our front porch.

Misterman is an older Manx cat. Misterman has a round face and a little nub for a tail. He has a gentle temperment. Yet Misterman does let the other cats know not to mess with him. Plus he does still play a little, with us and our newest addition SnowBall, an all white kitten.

As I approached the front porch Misterman watched attentively, but did not run. He let me pick him up and craddle him on his back like a baby. As I was holding him he started purring.

He looked like he had not ate in a while. I was able to pick him up and craddle him on his back like a baby. He started purring. I could tell he had been declawed on his front feet and been neutered too. Thinking he was our neighbors cat I took him next door, but no he was the wrong color.

From day one Misterman started using magick on me. When I tried printing his pictures to post around town to try to find his home my printer would fail. I could print anything except those signs. Misterman did not want me to post them around town. He was meant to be with me for a reason.

Whenever I perform any healing work Misterman is usually there helping me. Normally he watches, but sometimes he follows me around as I am casting the circle, etc.

Misterman became my companion and familiar from the first moment we met.


MisterMan Playing MisterMan Playing

A Tribute To MisterMan

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