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A Tribute To MisterMan

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MisterMan Relaxing MisterMan And SnowBall Playing Together
We all have special ones that come into our lives for a reason. For some it is people and others it is animals. In my case MisterMan was my special messenger from my spirit guides. A Witch friend of mine told me my Native American spirit guide sent MisterMan to me for a reason. But she would not tell me, because she said "MisterMan's magic was powerfull and she did not want to piss him off." Indeed MisterMan, the Manly Manx, was adept at using magic. From day one in our home he used his magic to get his way. The most noticeable way was to keep his picture from printing to post around town. Only the picture I was going to show to Pat, my Witch friend, was allowed to print.

At first MisterMan seemed healthy. He showed signs of being an older cat. But that soon changed. After eating Misterman would vomit up his food. After a few days of this I took him to the vet to be checked out.

Two weeks after Misterman adopted me he was diagnosed with kidney failure and a heart murmur. Plus half of his teeth were missing.

Misterman was placed on a special diet of Science Diet KD. Since half of his teeth were missing I mixed of Science Diet KD canned food and water together.

I also performed healing rituals on him to help with the kidney failure. Misterman enjoyed the healing rituals. During these rituals I played Native American music for him. He had his favorite Native American CD which I would play for him during the day or evening to help him relax.

Three times a week Misterman received subqutaneous fluids, a form of dialysis, where fluids are injected just below the skin to help hydrate him and force the kidneys to function. Misterman did not care for these treatments. He usually voiced his opinion by pooping where he was standing just before the intravenous needle was put in him. After the treatment was over Misterman was content and happy with us.

Misterman also had a funny habit when he had to use the liter pan. He would get this serious look on his face as he walked to the pan..."we referred to it as marching with a purpose." Whenever he was marching with a purpose nothing would delay him. Another one of the cats could attempt to play with him and he just kept walking. Misterman always came by to let me know he had used the pan too. None of our other cats did this.

Frequently Misterman voiced his love and appreciation for us by making valentine heart shapes in his canned food dish and in the liter pan when he urinated. My wife did not believe me at first, so I took pictures to prove it to her. Shortly after I took these photograph's Misterman made the same shapes when she was taking care of his food and liter pan.

MisterMan Expressing His Love For Us MisterMan Expressing His Love For Us
Misterman did these kinds of things repeatedly. Misterman demonstrated a level of intelligence in a feline that I had never seen before. I know people say that manx cats are highly intelligent, but very often Misterman proved he was smarter than me.

Misterman always had to know where I was. He was very content just to be in the same room with me. Sometimes Misterman would get up on my lap and lay down, content just to be with me. He especially enjoyed sleeping with us at night.

Anyone who met Misterman instantly fell in love with him. To date he was and still is the only cat I immediately took in without hesitation.

Misterman, the Manly Manx, taught me a great deal about myself, relationships and the harm second hand cigarette smoke does to animals. Second hand cigarette smoke is one of the leading causes of kidney failure in domesticated dogs and cats.

Most of all Misterman, the Manly Manx, taught me the importance of being faithful to the one you love.

Misterman, the Manly Manx, shared 1 year and 4 months of his life with us. On March 13, 2003 Misterman began having siezures.

The evening of March 12, 2003 I knew Misterman was not feeling well so I got a blanket and slept on the living room floor with him. My wife was spending the night at her mothers home, due to her mothers declining health from cancer. My wife came home as usuall at 4AM on March 13, 2003 to find Misterman having a siezure. She woke me up and we did what we could to help him after the siezure was over. By 7am Misterman had two more siezures.

That day I took Misterman to the Animal hospital for observation and a number of tests to determine what was wrong. Misterman did not have anymore siezures until 6pm while he was still in the hospital. I picked up Misterman as scheduled at 7pm that night. His eyes were dilated and he acted like he did not know me. The veterinary technicians and doctor blamed it on the valium they gave him to help with the siezures. They told me the valium should start to wear off by 10pm. The doctor also said the kidney function was good. In fact to everyones surprise over the course of the last year Misterman's kidney function had steadily improved. I will always believe the improved kidney function was due to the healing rituals.

Once I had Misterman home it became obvious he was blind. The siezure at 6pm on March 13, 2003 took his eyesight. I was up all night with him. I helped him when he needed it. During the night Misterman grew weaker by the hour. He had his last siezure at 7:55AM on March 14, 2003. In the end a brain tumor was responsible for ending the life of my feline best friend.

I stayed with him until the end. My wife took off work and met us at the veterinarian's office on the morning of March 14, 2003. At 8:50 AM on March 14, 2003 Misterman, the Manly Manx's spirit joined the Lord and Lady (God and Goddess) in summerland while I held him in my arms.

Misterman, the Manly Manx, I will always love and appreciate you. You added so much to our lives. You had a huge heart with a gentle and wise soul. Misterman, the Manly Manx, we miss you.

By the way Misterman, the Manly Manx, I understand your message.


September 02, 2003.

MisterMan MisterMan Playing With Me

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