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Phases And Influences Of The Moon

For as long as humans have kept a recorded history and well past that to the time of our first stirrings of awareness of our surroundings, we have looked upon the moon in awe, amazement, wonder and sometimes fear. The moon has held humankind spell bound and continues to do so. How often have you heard some say "People get weird when the moon is full"? Perhaps you have said this yourself.

I can remember looking at the moon when I was young to find the Man in the Moon. If you let your imagination run free you could see a mans face. Then I got a small telescope. I spent countless evenings looking at the moon. Sometimes I would imagine that the moon was once inhabited by dinosaurs, and with my telescope I could see the fossils.

And then Apollo 11 went to the moon. Ever since I was old enough to understand space flight and astronomy I followed the space program. I sat in front of the television spell bound as Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. Nothing could compare to the excitement I felt at the time as a child watching the first moon walk.

Today I am still fascinated by the moon and space travel. Selene still holds special meaning for me. She is willing and able to share her magick with those of us who seek her out. Below is a table summarizing moon phases and the best corresponding magickal workings for the phase of the moon.

New Moon

The new moon is the best time for magick to decrease, eliminate or banish something which you want less of from your life. Perhaps you want to decrease the amount of negativity in your life. Or would you like to decrease the amount of physical pain from a physical ailment. Or maybe you want to quit smoking. This is the best time to cast a spell to do this with.

Full Moon

Perhaps you would like to increase the amount of love, wealth and prosperity. Or maybe you need money to pay bills with. Are deserving of a long overdue raise or some other form of recognition at work? Whether you want to have more of something or increase something you already have the full moon is the best time to cast this type of spell.

Wanning Moon

As the moon goes from full to new, light to dark, this is traditionally considered a time of decreasing energy with the fading moonlight. With Selenes visible energy declining, this is a great time for casting spells to rid yourself of illness, bad habits, unwanted pounds, or people who are bad for you.

Waxing Moon

While the moon is going from new to full, increasing in visible light energy, this is a wonderful time to increase things you want more of in your life. For example if you desire more love, more money, greater prosperity, more recognition on the job, basically anything you want more of.

As with any magickal working you undertake be careful of what you ask for and how you phrase your request. Be clear and concise. Don't get vague. For if you are unclear of what you want, or expect, then how can you expect the Gods and Goddesses to know what you mean. Plus you should end your spell with the phrase:


Happy Spell Casting.
Rev. Joe Estes
January 8, 2009

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