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Album Cover for Peaceful Evening by by David & Steve Gordon

Peaceful Evening by by David & Steve Gordon

This soothing music surrounds you with the deeply calming moods of a perfect sunset. You experience the warm, quiet feeling of a grand piano, acoustic guitars, and the wooden flute along with the sounds of early evening in the country. The music and nature sounds transport you to magical places of serenity under painted twilight skies. As you listen, the music brings the quiet majesty and healing relaxation of nature's most cherished moments into your life.

What people are saying about Peaceful Evening:

'In Peaceful Evening, as with all their CD's in the Music & Nature Series, these two musicians expertly blend the sounds of dusk in the forest with original compositions for the piano, guitar and wooden flute. While these instruments are the clich?' of meditative music, the Gordon's are able to make music which is fresh and new, yet serene. As a background to meditation, love-making or work, this CD is an open window through which nature enters and under which traveling troubadours pass.' - Voices of Wellness

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Item Number: PPMSQUX206

$16.98 each


Album Cover for  Misty Forest Morning By David & Steve Gordon

Misty Forest Morning By David & Steve Gordon

The first rays of sunlight pierce the morning mist, revealing a serene glade hidden deep within the forest. The gentle melodies of David Gordon's piano and electronic keyboard float through the trees, as the sound of birds and a bubbling stream seem to join in harmony. THe meadow awakens to the whisper on a silver flute and the pure tones of Steve Gordon's acoustic guitar. The enchanting music unfolds producing a quietly powerful and captivating experience.

What people are saying about Misty Forest Morning:

'This delightful, soothing instrumental music is filled with bird songs and the sound of a rushing stream which were recorded in the Sierras. The Gordon's have skillfully blended in musical strains from acoustic guitar, piano, electronic keyboard and flute. As the first sunbeams irradiate a misty glade, whispers of a silver flute awaken the forest scene, lifting one into a quietly powerful experience of peace and serenity. In a meditative mood I float with Waterlillies, rocked gently by a light breeze as I bask in the morning sun and drink in the affirmations implicit in the cheerful, uninhibited songs of the birds. Recommended. - Heartsong

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Item Number: PPMSQUX204

$16.98 each


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