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Ancient Ways - Reclaiming the Pagan Tradition by Pauline Campanelli & Dan Campanelli

Ancient Ways - Reclaiming the Pagan Tradition by Pauline Campanelli & Dan Campanelli

The Campanellis have been practicing Wiccans since 1968. Because of their deep religious beliefs they have evolved a lifestyle based on natural magick. In their 18th century home in western New Jersey, magick is a part of their everyday life.

Pauline and Dan have written and illustrated several books and many articles on Witchcraft. They have also recounted their personal experiences with the Spirit World for Circle Network News and Fate magazine. Other paranormal experiences shared by Pauline and Dan have been included in Haunted Houses: U.S.A., and More Haunted Houses, and in Alan Vaughn's Incredible Coincidence.

Both Dan and Pauline are professional artists. Dan works in watercolor, Pauline in oils. They are each listed in thirteen reference books, including Who's Who in American Art and The International Dictionary of Biographies. Their home and artwork were featured in Colonial Homes, March/April 1981 and Country Living Magazine, April 1985 and October 1992. New Jersey Network produced a program on their artwork and lifestyle for PBS in 1985. Their paintings have been published as fine art prints and are available throughout the United States and Europe.

Item Number: 9780738744773

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Dance of the Moon - Celebrating the Sacred Cycles of the Earth By Dan Furst

Dance of the Moon - Celebrating the Sacred Cycles of the Earth By Dan Furst

Travel back to an era when the moon was our only calendar, and explore all the timekeeping systems that have been held sacred ever since by peoples all over the world. From the Egyptian feast of Thoth to the Celtic fire festivals, from the Chinese lunisolar year to the lunar-based calendar of the Muslim world, Dance of the Moon will take you on a cross-cultural tour of traditions, pagan rituals, and practices throughout history that honor life's cycles.

Discover the Mayan calendar as a soul evolution tool and see what it foretells about 2012. Explore the spiritual underpinnings of the Pagan Wheel of the Year alongside holy days from communities spanning several generations and thousands of miles. Learn about a wide array of deities, symbols, plants, and elements that are sacred to each month of the year.

PJust as the rhythms of the moon and the earth resonated long ago for our ancestors, these life-affirming cycles persist today in the rituals and festivals of the Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Taoists, Christians, and the indigenous peoples of Africa and the Americas. Reconnect with nature and dance along with life's sacred rhythms.

Dan Furst is an actor, playwright, producer, astrologer, ceremonial artist and student of hermetic disciplines, including divination, sacred geometry, sound healing and ritual theatre.

He has worked as an actor, singer, stage combat director, emcee and announcer in the mainland United States and Hawaii, in Europe, India and Japan. During his years in Kyoto, Japan, he was the first foreign professional actor ever to study and perform the classical kyogen comedy for a run of five years, in which he acted more than a dozen lead roles in theatres all over Japan. He is the only foreigner ever to receive a geimei, or art name, in the kyogen world. He founded the award-winning Sirius Productions theatre company in Kyoto, and was the voice of environmental conferences convened by Mikhail Gorbachev and H. H. the Dalai Lama.

Furst has written and maintains the popular Universal Festival Calendar on his website, as well as writing about important time windows for planetary transformation. While in Hawaii Dan also coordinated the Sacred Sounds group of Oahu, which he formed with sacred musician and sound healer Kimba Arem in 1996, and was a speaker, musician and priest at many Earth festivals and environmental gatherings.

In 2003, Dan was the first actor ever to play Mevlana, the Sufi poet Jelaluddin Rumi.

An accomplished astrologer, Dan Furst lectures, teaches, and offers personal astrology readings to clients worldwide. His latest book is Dance of the Moon: Celebrating the Sacred Cycles of the Earth.

Item Number: 9780738715100

$21.99 each


The Great Work by Tiffany Lazic (Aoumiel)

The Great Work by Tiffany Lazic

Fusing ancient Western spirituality, energy work, and psychology, The Great Work is a practical guide to personal transformation season by season. Learn to be truly holistic by incorporating key physical, emotional, and energetic practices into your life at times when the natural tides are in harmony with your process.

The Great Work captures the core essence of each festival with eight key themes that span the annual cycle—a cycle that reflects human development and experience. Discover how Yule can alleviate a painful childhood, how Beltane can facilitate conscious relationships, and how Mabon can assist with determining your life's purpose. Find guidance through daily journal questions, elemental meditations, and the author's unique energy-healing technique of Hynni. With this invaluable resource for your journey of inner alchemy, you'll develop an intimate connection with the earth's impulse to create balance and harmony.

432 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 Inches.

Tiffany is a Spiritual Psychotherapist with over sixteen years experience in Transpersonal Psychology. She completed training in Spiritual Psychotherapy at the Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training in Toronto where she also taught in the College’s Discovering the Total Self Program, Spiritual Psychotherapy Training Program, Spiritual Directorship Program and Esoteric Studies Program. She served as a staff psychotherapist and case supervisor. She continues to teach at the College as a guest facilitator both in their Spiritual Directorship Training Program and their Divine Connections Practitioner Training Program.

An international presenter and keynote speaker, Tiffany has conducted workshops for many conferences and organizations, including the 2013 Energy Psychology Conference. She was one of the co-creators and co-organizers of Kitchener's SPARKS Symposium (2010 - 2012).

Tiffany is the owner of The Hive and Grove Centre for Holistic Wellness, with a private therapy practice offering individual, couples and group therapy. She has developed two self-development programs, Patterns of Conscious Living Program and the Spiritual Language of the Divine Program, as well as a creative workshop, The Art of the Divine. As a 'satellite school' of the Transformational Arts College, she also teaches the College's ten course Discovering the Total Self Program.

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The Horned Altar- Rediscovering & Rekindling Canaanite Magic By Tess Dawson

The Horned Altar- Rediscovering & Rekindling Canaanite Magic By Tess Dawson

Rediscover a magic that is raw and real, but nearly forgotten—the magic and mysticism of Canaan. Anyone with a connection to Christianity or Judaism can claim some measure of spiritual inheritance from Canaan, a culture miscast as the villains of the Bible. This engaging guide, written by an authority on Canaanite mysticism, will help practitioners of any spiritual path develop a powerful magical practice based on these nearly lost theories and techniques.

Using primary sources and translations originally written by the Canaanites themselves, Dawson first explores the specific forces, themes, and symbolism involved in Canaanite magic. In the second part of the book, she tells us how we can bring these ancient practices into the 21st century for personal use. Among the topics covered: Deities of Canaan and how to honor them; the alphabets of Canaan and Phoenicia; how to make a Babylonian demon protection bowl; and spells and prayers for healing, love, and protection.

Tess Dawson (New England) is one of the foremost authorities in the field of Canaanite mysticism and spiritual practices. A devotee as well as scholar of the tradition, Dawson leads the largest online Canaanite polytheist group, teaches workshops on the topic, and serves as a leader in the Near and Middle Eastern polytheist communities. She has written for Witches & Pagans, PanGaia, SageWoman, Circle, Pentacle, The Beltane Papers, and a few anthologies.

Item Number: 9780738731575

$22.99 each


Llewellyn's Complete Book of Names by  K.M. Sheard

Llewellyn's Complete Book of Names by K.M. Sheard

For Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, Druids, Heathens, Mages, Shamans & Independent Thinkers of All Sorts

Are you looking for the perfect name for your child? Are you curious about names of all sorts? Among the name books available today, none are tailored to the needs of Witches, Pagans, and other seekers like Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Names.

From Alma and Ash to Zinnia and Zane, this comprehensive and user-friendly name guide offers accurate and extensive information on more than seven thousand names and their variations, for a total of more than seventeen thousand names, spanning a variety of spiritual traditions, cultures, and centuries. Each impeccably researched entry features factual details on the name’s origin, history, and meaning, including magical and mystical associations. Examples of historical figures and characters from mythology, magical texts, literature, and film are also provided. This essential guide offers everything you need to make this all-important decision, including name selection tips and name lists categorized by theme—the Sun and Moon, the five elements including spirit, the seasons, flowers, herbs and trees, stones and metals, and colors.

Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Names features pronunciations for each non-standard name (more than fifteen thousand variations), a glossary of specialized terms used in the book, and an index by gender. It is an invaluable resource for writers, individuals choosing a magical name, or anyone who wishes to find the perfect moniker for a companion animal, home, coven, business, community, or organization.

K. M. Sheard (Wales, UK) is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) and the British Pagan Federation. A graduate of the University of Cambridge, Sheard is a scholar of history and several languages, both modern and ancient.

Item Number: 9780738723686

$39.99 each


Pagan Ways - Finding Your Spirituality in Nature By Gwydion O'Hara

Pagan Ways - Finding Your Spirituality in Nature By Gwydion O'Hara

Pagan Ways by Gwydion O'Hara is a complete introduction to the history, traditions, and practices of the Old Religion.

The many traditions of Paganism form one of the fastest-growing spiritual paths today. If you want to explore Paganism, this book is an ideal resource. If you think that Paganism might be a path for you, it explains what you need to know. If you are starting in a Pagan religion such as Wicca, Pagan Ways will fill out your knowledge of the Craft.

  • Find out the truth about Paganism.
  • Discover how to get in touch with the subtle forces of nature.
  • Explore the role of the eight Pagan virtues: love, trust, balance, humility, learning, reincarnation, harmony, and tolerance.
  • Learn how to follow the Pagan calendar and keep the holidays.
  • Read how to build an altar.
  • Understand the tools used in magic.
  • Find out about the stages involved in becoming a Pagan Priestess or Priest.
  • Read about the history of Paganism, including the founders of the modern Craft movement.

Pagan Ways will give you the understanding and insight to make a firm decision about whether Paganism is the right path for you. You'll even be able to participate in the meaningful rituals that beautifully blend ancient wisdom with modern insights included in this book.

If you are a Pagan at heart, or think you might be, you should get Pagan Ways.

Gwydion O'Hara is dedicated to the research, study, and practice of ancient folkways that survive today. For more than twenty years, he has looked for the practices of the people of the land, wherever they could be found and in whatever aspect they would present themselves. His studies have brought him in contact with others who hold a common respect for the old ways, offering the opportunity to watch and work with different groups in both the United States and Canada. In his studies, he has pursued the areas of herbology, mythology, folklore, and folk magic. He gained recognition in New York and Toronto as a competent tarot reader and lectured on the subject for the Toronto Psychic Society. A love for the lore of the simple folk, however, always has been behind his work. Moonlore is a product of that devotion.

Item Number: 9781567183412

$11.95 each


Paganism, An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions by River and Joyce Higginbotham

Paganism, An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions by River and Joyce Higginbotham

If you want to study Paganism in more detail, this book is the place to start. Based on a course in Paganism that the Llewellyn authors, River and Joyce Higginbotham, have taught for more than a decade, it is full of exercises, meditations, and discussion questions for group or individual study. Explore what Pagans are like; how the Pagan sacred year is aaranged; what Pagans do in ritual; what magick is; and what Pagans believe about God, worship, human nature and ethics.

Item Number: 9780738702223

$16.95 each


Pagan Spirituality, A Guide To Personal Transformation by River and Joyce Higginbotham

Pagan Spirituality, A Guide To Personal Transformation by River and Joyce Higginbotham

The spiritual path of the modern Pagan is one of constant growth and change - in a word, evolution. Pagan Spirituality explores how Pagan spiritual development relates to contemporary theories of cultural and spiritual evolution. As a post-modern spiritual movement arising from a worldview comfortable with multiple perspectives, Paganism offers individuals unbounded opportunites for growth and expansion. The authors believe that this process of both individual and collective evolution is supported by models for human development advanced by leading modern thinkers including Ken Wilber, James Fowler, Don Beck, Christopher Cowan, and Riane Eisler.

Pagan Spirituality encourages all Pagans to reflect on their own spiritual progress, and eventually look beyond the personal to transpersonal. Descriptions and examples of both positive and negative behaviors that often accompany each stage in the evolutionary process will help you assess your progress and set goals for further development. Exercises throughout the text are designed to further cultivate both magickal skills and spiritual growth through journaling, visualization, and meditation.

This groundbreaking work challenges readers to think critically about the nature of faith, culture, consciousness, and the role that Pagans - both individually and collectively - will undoubtedly play in the conscious creation of tomorrow

Item Number: 9780738705743

$16.95 each


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