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Phoenix McFarland describes herself as "an irreverent Wiccan Priestess." Ms. McFarland has had many articles and poems published in Pagan publications. She also leads workshops at Pagan festivals.


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The New Book Of Magical Names by Phoenix McFarland

The New Book Of Magical Names by Phoenix McFarland

There is a tremendous energy within names. Powerful symbols of identity, inspiration, and intention, names are magical tools of self transformation. The original version of this classic guide, included in the prestigious New York Times "Readers Guide to the Best 10,000 Books in Print", helped thousands find the perfect name for everything from their child to their coven to their cat. Now, it has been revised and expanded, and is bigger and better than ever.

The New Book Of Magical Names presents a dictionary of more than 7,000 names taken from modern and ancient sources, including nature, mythology, history, fantasy literature, folklore, and faraway lands. Discover how religious and political movements, long forgotten customs and social mores have influenced names throughout time. This fascinating guide features:

  • The only dictionary of non-Christian names in print
  • Names indexed both alphabetically and by the qualities they invoke (beauty, wealth, power, and more)
  • Quizzes to help you figure out your magical name
  • Rituals to unleash the power within your name

Whether you are looking for a baby shower gift, initiating a new era in your own life, wanting to find a pen name, a magical name, or even a name for your house, The New Book Of Magical Names is your indespensable resource.

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