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Beyond Soul Mates by Cyndi Dale

Beyond Soul Mates by Cyndi Dale

In Beyond Soul Mates, renowned author and energy healer Cyndi Dale takes the soul mate concept to an entirely new level, offering more reason to hope than any other book on the topic. Cyndi shows readers how they have more control over creating a true soul mate relationship than ever previously thought.

She explains the four varieties of relationships: soul mates, twin flames, cosmic souls, and true mates, and how only one of these carries the energy necessary to compose “true love.” With practical guidance and inspiring real-life stories from her clients, Cyndi teaches readers how to meet (and marry) their true mate or re-ignite the flame of true love in their current relationship.

Cyndi Dale (Minneapolis, MN) is an internationally renowned author, speaker, healer, and business consultant. She is president of Life Systems Services, through which she has conducted over 35,000 client sessions and presented training classes throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

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Spiritual Lovemaking By Jody Baron, Peter Beamish

Spiritual Lovemaking By Jody Baron, Peter Beamish

In Western cultures, sex is often considered a frenetic activity, defined by friction, tension, and even anxiety. But in Spiritual Lovemaking, authors Jody Baron and Peter Beamish show that through relaxation and mindfulness, we can create more fulfilling, meaningful sexual experiences. By working through simple exercises, we can learn to use lovemaking to heal the spirit, deepen relationships, and open internal channels for greater authenticity.

Leaving behind the esoteric language of Tantra, the authors use an accessible, down-to-earth style to describe the practice of spiritual lovemaking. With humor and compassion, Baron and Beamish share stories of their journey and guide the reader through nine simple keys to unlocking the rejuvenating power of sexual energy.

Jody Baron (Plainfield, VT) has written over a dozen books as a ghostwriter of spiritual and New Age material. She is the founding moderator of The Abe Forum, an online discussion of the teachings of the Abraham-Hicks organization.

Peter Beamish (Ottawa, Ontario) is a television producer with over twenty-five years of experience, including interviews with Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God.

Item#: 9780738734316

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Love and Intuition - A Psychic's Guide to Creating Lasting Love By Sherrie Dillard

Love and Intuition - A Psychic's Guide to Creating Lasting Love By Sherrie Dillard

Develop your intuition in one of the most spiritual aspects of life: love and relationships.

Love, by its very nature, is profoundly spiritual—it brings out the intuitive side of us all. By embracing your innate intuition and letting it expand, the love and joy you deserve will naturally flow right to you.

In this heartfelt and uplifting book, professional psychic Sherrie Dillard teaches you how to develop your natural psychic ability and intuition to attract and sustain soulful love. After discovering your personal love type—emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical—you can find out your spouse or partner's love type and practice exercises, creative visualizations, and guided meditations to strengthen your relationship, heal rifts, get a better understanding of how you relate to each other, and deepen your connection.

Woven throughout are stories from Dillard's clients that shed light on attraction, fidelity, passion, sex, intimacy, and common relationship issues. You'll learn to change unhealthy relationship patterns, receive guidance from angels and spirit guides, and even add spice to your love life.

Sherrie Dillard is a psychic-medium clairvoyant, author and teacher with clients in Europe, Latin America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Middle East as well as the United States.

Though her psychic abilities emerged when she was just a young girl, Sherrie has also worked as a fiber artist, having learned the skill of weaving while working for a charitable organization in indigenous villages in Latin America. During this time, she was continuously given the intuitive message to become a professional psychic and medium, but ignored this calling until a car accident injury left her unable to weave or silk paint. She has now been a professional psychic and medium for over 20 years.

Sherrie has used her psychic abilities to uncover information in murder and missing person investigations for police departments in California, North Carolina and Florida. She has been featured on television and radio for her work as a psychic detective and medium.

Sherrie has taught classes and workshops on intuition, spiritual development and spiritual healing both nationally and internationally. She holds a B.S. in Psychology and a Master of Divinity/Pastoral Counseling from the New Thought Theological Seminary.

Join Sherrie as she posts regular columns on FemCentral where she will answer questions from readers about intuition.

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