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Tales Of Other World

Copyright © 1996 - 2009 by Joe Estes
The contents, including the HTML code, of these pages may not
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Book I - The Greentime

Brightrise was beautiful today.
The blue primary sun rose as the yellow secondary sun set,
And for a moment the sky was a shade of green unimaginable.

Sunlight danced joyfully through the sky.
All the birds sung so happily and animals romped playfully,
As enchantment circled the world.

But one day a ship made planet fall.
Off worlders had invaded!
The air of carefree harmony soared away,
As bad omens scoured the planet.
At last one died of disease unknown
And the rest left, never to return.
Once more harmonious enchantment engulfed the planet.

Book II - Season of Storms

The skies grew dark and clouds hung ominously.
Fear swept through the creatures.
Suddenly the sky was alight,
Thunder deafened the air,
Rain soaked all.
After many days and nights
The skies grew clear and the air smelled sweet.
But the sighing breeze became a fierce predator
And brought swift rains.
Like before Other World passed through the season of storms.
In the end all was as it was before.
A paradise of peaceful harmony.

Book III - The Heat Makers

In the season of cold was Other World
When the land bound animals fled to the heat makers forest,
And the ground is covered by a snow blanket
The animals cling to natures breast.

Warmth is taken from the suns
During the calm season and 
Emitted during the cold seasons.

At brightrise they do feed
And rest at dimrise,
Always satisfying a need.

Once the heat makers violated nature
Admission they tried to charge the animals
Nearly killing the land creatures,
However the Creatress stopped this
Saving all 
Making the heatmakers dumb
Returning harmony to nature.

Book IV - Valley of Warsh

Deep in the valley,
Throughout the valley,
Over the valley floor,
Along it´s sides,
Teemed a thick yellow growth.
All of it,
From the horizon
And beyond,
Nothing else could be seen.
From sea to sea,
Wide as the widest rivers,
Deepest of Deep,
Was nothing but yellow growth.

Journey not into the Valley of Warsh,
To be struck down by scallow fever.
However always respect the yellow growth
For without it, all would surely die.
But never let harm befall the Valley of Warsh,
For all want to live.

Book V - The Keepers

By brightlight,
By dimlight,
We soar through the sky
Riding the winds of alertness.
Low and high we sail...the Keepers,
Constantly guarding all on Other World
Eliminating all threats.

Hear the starcastle making planetfall.
They build camps,
Ravage the land,
Destroy all that is dear.
We must attack,
We must eliminate the strangers.
Silence their starcastle,
For if the ones above hear
Nothing will survive their wrath.

Now we rest,
Until we are needed again,
Sailing the winds of home
On silken wing.

Book VI - The Different One

High from the sky,
She came,
And she was different,
From the other off worlders.
Her heart full of love,
Her mind full of respect,
A perfect balance,
They were in.
Living without shelter,
Lacking hostility,
Born to live here,
But not native.
Able to speak to all creatures,
Even the Keepers,
She was unique
Different from all off worlders.

Book VII - Fountain of Tender

One is none,
All is none
Complete unison,
Yet out of phase
A balance of nature,
Of ecological harmony
It is a state of mind,
On Other World
At the Fountain of Tender,
To journey to
To journey from,
To end a cycle
To begin a cycle,
Birth and Death, become one and none.
Here come all creatures,
Large and small
High and low, 
To the place of beginning and ending 
To make a new beginning,
Springing from the Fountain of Tender.

Book VIII - The New Ones

And the great Creators spoke,
To all life, so they would understand.
"A new life form We will create,
With past memory
So they may live in harmony with all.
They will be the pinnacle of creation,
On Other World...throughout the universe,
As all of you are Our best,
On the planet of Our greatest."

From the void of nothingness,
They came,
Small in number,
Here in harmony,
Always living in love,
To always know others...Off worlders too!

Never upset the balance,
To keep the divine law
Never to break it,
To be one with all
And all one with them.

Book IX - A Meeting

In a clearing they met,
Next to the starcastle gray,
During brightday.
The Different One told of her life here,
How happy she is to live as one with all.
Then the off worlder left
In his star castle,
To the stars
To tell the other off worlders of the Different One.

Book X - After A Passage of Time

Not long after their creation,
They built cities,
That told of wondrous beauty
Perfectly in balance with all,
Yet a power to respect.
A land of beauty,
But harshness too.
To the west lied their citadel,
Used to help fight off offworlders
And launch their starcastles.
Slowly to the stars they went.
Spread themselves thin not.
Powerful they were.
However they never attacked first,
But always finish off their enemy they did.
Soon they would span the galaxy.

Book XI - Season of Springer

After Other World made twenty-four passages,
The dark and ominous clouds shadowed away,
And all was happy again,
As all was enriched with bright light - dim light once again.

Book XII - The Misty Marshlands

Across the swamp of Ernz,
The Misty Marshlands lay,
A place of lovely danger,
The doorway to the Dragons.

Past the Misty Marshlands,
The island of Indor is
Where all is the Dragon´s,
Natures warriors and peacemakers.

Few in number,
Mighty they are
For they can destroy the off worlders starcastles.

Copyright © 1996 - 2017 by Joe Estes
The contents, including the HTML code, of these pages may not
be duplicated without the express written permission of the author.

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