About Us


About Us

oPagan Presence, Inc. was founded in January 1999 and began as an online retailer in March 1999. Originally we offered two musical artists (Wendy Rule from Melbourne Australia and Gypsy from Sale Mass.), a small selection of jewelry and books. From that we have grown to a wide selection of metaphysical and magickal products in response to our customers.

From those humble beginnings we have grown and now offer our wide selection of products for your spiritual and magickal needs. Our product and service offering is constantly evolving to meet your needs.

One of the things our customers have consistantly asked for are USA made products. All of the candles, incense, and many of the other products we sell are exclusively made in the USA by like minded people who follow similar paths. On example of this is The Martin Rune Deck, based on the Anglo-Saxon Runes. The artist, creator and publisher of this deck is a USA born citizen currently residing in Pennsylvania. Or there is the Speak Stones and the Inner Voices Cards both of which were created and published by the author Jacqueline Lunger (a Psychic and Medium) and were sold through Pagan Presence, Inc. for almost 8 years.

Many of the artists we carry have become widely known in the Pagan, Wiccan and Newage communities, like Wendy Rule, Gypsy, Celia and Sequoia Records artists. Plus we carry authors ranging from Raymond Buckland, Edain McCoy, Silver Ravenwolf and many other authors. We offer a wide range of divination tools from pendulums, tarot decks, rune stones and rune decks, to scrying tools. And we are proud to offer the finest incense, including Sacred Spirit. Many of the products are made in the USA by fellow Wiccans, Pagans and Witches, some of which are exclusive to Pagan Presence, Inc.

We also offer the services of the finest Psychics and Mediums who are available to help you with all of lifes questions, from love to work, money and family, plus more. We are only a phone call away. When you place your order for a reeading please be sure to note the best time to call you back when you are ordering a phone reading. You are important and deserve the very best.

Do you need a house clearing? Reverand Joe Estes is available to perform in person house clearings at a time convenient for both. He is qualified to permanently evict all unwanted spiritual entities, permanently close all open doorways and cleanse your home.

The first goal of Pagan Presence, Inc. is to provide you with the highest quality products for your magickal, occult and spiritual needs and the best in customer service. You are the reason we are in business.

Pagan Presence, Inc. also supports and participates in many special events through out the year, from Psychic Fairs to Pagan Pride Days and many other events. Our event vending schedule link is at the top of every page in the menu bar.

For those Newage and Metaphysical retailers who would like to carry our products in their store please email us at  wholesale@paganpresence.com.  We will email you back an easy to complete form which must be returned to us.  Please note you will be required to provide a federal and/or state tax ID number.

Every year, more and more people begin to explore health, healing, and spiritual alternatives. Our goal is to help them in their quest for self-understanding. We honor all paths, for all paths lead to the same source.

Please note that because our online catalog is constantly changing there is no printed catalog version of the online store. We appreciate your interest in our services and products and are honored to have you as a customer. We want to be a part of your spiritual journey and help you in whatever way we can.

Blessed Be.